Friday, 9 May 2014

You have been warned

There seems to be a misconception among many of those planning to vote against independence in September's referendum that, in the event of a No vote, the status quo will continue. While I normally prefer to leave the scaremongering to the Bitter Together mob, seeing as it's their forte, I'll make an exception in this case. Those who are happy with the way things are (and if you're happy with nuclear weapons situated 30 miles from our largest city, the proliferation of reliance on food banks, one in four children being born into poverty etc., then in my humble opinion you need your head examined) really need to realise that, if we remain in the UK, things are very likely going to get worse rather than stay the same, let alone improve.

A case in point is the NHS. I've heard many people say that, since health is a devolved issue, they think the Scottish NHS is safe from the ruin being visited on its English counterpart by the blue, red and yellow Tories. In this video, Dr Philippa Whitford disavows that notion in the strongest possible terms. As she puts it, "In five years, England will not have an NHS as you understand it. And if we vote No, in ten years neither will we."

Regardless of where you live in the UK, this video is worth watching, as it's not purely about independence (though obviously, as it was shot at an independence meeting, that's its main point). It's also an excellent overview of just what is being done to the English NHS -- something that the media seems curiously reticent to report on.

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