Friday, 9 May 2014

The art of protest

Nigel Farage is up in Edinburgh this evening spreading his hatred and bile. The last time he came north, he was chased out by a small group of protesters from the Radical Independence Campaign, whose audacity in challenging his lies with honest debate was such a shock to him that he had to flee in the back of a police van and later launched a series of blistering attacks on Alex Salmond, accusing him of orchestrating the whole affair. (And later slammed the phone down on a BBC interviewer whose line of questioning he objected to. Something of a pattern emerging here, methinks.) The decided to organise a rematch for Farage's second visit to the capital, their turn-out swelling this time to include several hundreds of protesters from all walks of life, united by their opposition to UKIP's xenophobia.

I've been perusing the RIC's gallery from the rally, which contains some great pictures. (I particularly like the one with the "United against UKIP because..." placards, one of which reads "I'm a slut who doesn't clean under the fridge".) I wanted to highlight one in particular, though, because the placard itself is so beautiful. If you're going to hold up a banner at a protest rally, it might as well be a work of art in and of itself:

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