Saturday, 2 August 2014

Glasgow girl

The one and only Ms Laura Fraser, who really deserves a higher profile than she's got. As a fellow Weegie, I bear the proud distinction of having issued library books to her once upon a time -- which is about as close to mingling with the stars as I'm ever likely to get!


  1. That's a beautiful photo of her too *sighs*

    1. Taken from the publicity stills for Nina's Heavenly Delights, of all films!

    2. Blimey! Well, she was the best thing in it... ;)

    3. Nah, the best thing about it is the end credits... and not just because they finally herald the end of the film (though that certainly helps). No, it's because, for some reason, they feature the entire cast in traditional Indian clothing dancing to Bollywood music in front of hilariously badly green-screened shots of Loch Lomond.