Monday, 19 May 2014

Danish splendour

The fantastic Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, one of the stars of the equally fantastic Danish political drama BORGEN. In my opinion, she consistently gave the best performance over the course of the show's three series, facing off stiff competition from a remarkably talented cast and imbuing her character, ambitious journalist Katrine Fønsmark, with a wealth of complexity that went beyond what was written on the page.

She's currently rumoured to be up for a role in the upcoming twenty-fourth Bond film -- news that I must admit leaves me feeling decidedly conflicted. While the Daniel Craig run got off to a brilliant start in terms of Bond girls with Eva Green getting plenty to sink her teeth into as Vesper Lynd (as my mate Mark pointed out in his similar post), subsequent female roles (with the exception of Judi Dench's M) have been a bit ho-hum. I'd hate to think of an actor as talented as Birgitte being reduced to nothing more than eye candy hanging on Bond's shoulder.

That said, speaking of eye candy, this post couldn't possibly be complete without:

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