Monday, 30 March 2015

Finding fame... or infamy

"It's arrived, it's arrived! In the name of God, it's arrived!"

This is the brand new Blu-ray release of Mario Bava's seminal giallo BLOOD AND BLACK LACE, for which I provided a 38-minute visual essay, essentially a condensed version of the first half of my PhD thesis on gender in the giallo. Much credit must go to Michael Brooke, who succeeded in giving my ramblings some semblance of structure with his excellent editing and choice of clips.

This has been a totally new but incredibly rewarding experience for me, and I can't deny that seeing my name in lights, as it were, is an incredibly gratifying experience... and more than makes up for my embarrassment at having to listen to my own voice being played back to me.

And my goodness, does the film look incredible.

PS. I appreciate that I've allowed this blog to fester over the past several weeks. While I realise I have a readership of about 2, that doesn't stop me feeling guilty about the fact. Once I'm a bit less busy, I plan on getting back to a semi-regular update schedule.