Saturday, 20 September 2014

A tale of two cities

Glasgow a week ago...

And last night...

These two videos sum up the difference in the mood of this city before and after the independence referendum. Thousands of peaceful Yes supporters occupied George Square for days in the run up to the vote, without a single incident. Late on the afternoon of the 19th, following the No vote, knuckle-dragging louts associated with the Orange Order and the BNP descended on George Square. They attacked the small number of remaining Yes supporters, screamed abuse at them, burned flags and performed Nazi salutes under the shadow of the memorial to the World War 2 dead. Riot police arrived and managed to contain them, but a number dispersed throughout the city centre, leading to scenes like the one in the video above on Buchanan Street.

Out today on Dumbarton Road, the main road running through Partick, the mood was palpably grim. Whether people were Yes or No voters, I could see little evidence of anyone being happy with the outcome. With the first of the three Westminster leaders' promises (a timetable for further devolution published before parliament the day after a No vote) reneged on already, I suspect that a great many who voted to remain in the union are already waking up to the fact that they voted for a pack of lies.

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