Thursday, 31 July 2014

A tale of two governments

While the Westminster government continues to sell arms to the Israeli regime, another government 400 miles further north chose to go down a different route:

In addition to being the first Western government to explicitly condemn Israel's recent "collective punishment" of the people of Gaza, the Scottish government is actually putting its money where its mouth is and attempting to do something to alleviate the appalling suffering Gazans are currently experiencing. I know I bang the Scottish independence drum with some regularity on this blog, but situations like this throw into sharp relief the bizarreness of being represented on the world stage by two separate governments -- one that allows me to hold my head high and another that makes me want to simultaneously hang it in shame.

PS. Good piece in the New Statesman by Andrew Smith of the Campaign Against Arms Trade on why the UK must end its military support of Israel.

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