Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Lying by omission

Since the pro- and anti-independence campaigns got under way, the BBC has consistently shown itself to be hopelessly biased in favour of a No vote. From the daily deluge of scare stories ("Experts warn...", "SNP accused...", "Pensions timebomb..." and all manner of variations on the above) to the soft-pedalling when interviewing unionist politicians to the complete lack of serious investigative journalism, the BBC's output more often than not resembles state propaganda rather than something worthy of a service that was once considered to be the envy of the world.

On Sunday, several hundred people showed up outside BBC Scotland's Pacific Quay headquarters to protest against the BBC's pro-union bias. True to form, the BBC made no mention of the fact that a sizeable protest was taking place outside their offices, once again lying by omission. Clearly they didn't think the issue was newsworthy... though funnily enough, Moscow-based Russia Today thought otherwise and briefly covered it. It really says something when you have to tune into a state broadcaster more than 3,000 miles away to find out what's going in your own country.

There will be a further protest on Sunday June 29th at 2 PM. I think I might head along to that one -- should coincide nicely with the start of my Summer holidays

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